Friday, September 14, 2007

Neta news

Dear Friends
Here is the latest update on NETA.
We had a workshop on Reading last week. It was well attended with nearly 80 teachers from different places such as Reheboth, Swakop, Walvis Bay, Karibib, Gobabis, Okahandja and of course, Windhoek.
Prof. Malaba from UNAM and Mr. Fred Opali from Polytechnic were the main speakers. Subsequently we had workshops looking at different aspects of Reading such as reading poetry, short story, passages from a novel and, also developing a vocabulary for the tertiary level and developing critical thinking through reading African texts. The participants interacted fully and engaged with the material provided to them.
In the last session of the day, the rapoteurs from the different workshops reported to the general assembly of teachers what happened in their respective workshops.
Most participants felt that they were very rushed and that they needed more time for the sessions.
I believe that more than ever there is a need to conduct several workshops and involve more teachers in them.
Next year we will extend an invitation to all English teachers in Namibia to join NETA.
Cheers !

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