Thursday, September 6, 2007

NETA Questionnaire

Did you realise that there were almost seventy participants present at our launch in April ?
We had distributed a questionnaire during our launch to find out our teachers' needs. The analysis threw up some interesting results. Briefly:

1. All teachers felt that they need help to develop students in the four skill areas :
Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

2. Some teachers felt that they needed help in the teaching of Grammar and Vocabulary.

3. Certain others expressed the need to be helped in the area of Literature teaching
with an emphasis on Poetry.

4. Some teachers wanted to be trained in: Lesson and Curriculum Planning/Dealing
with Learning Disabilities/Materials development/ Developing Critical Thinking/Games
and Fun Activities to develop language skills.

5. A few expressed interest in action, empirical and applied research.

Clearly all of us concerned about the lack of language and study skills in our students.

How do you tackle this problem in your classroom ? Why don't you post a small note about the strategies you use in class to teach your students ?

Cheers !


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